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The Power of Gratitude: Boosting Your Mood with Everyday Moments

May 15, 2022

The Power of Gratitude: Boosting Your Mood with Everyday Moments
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In this episode of the show, host Jake Pearson sits down with his close friend Darcy Phillips to discuss the key ingredients of happiness. Darcy emphasizes that one of the things that brings him the most joy is making others happy, whether it's through making them laugh or simply giving them a compliment. He encourages listeners seeking happiness to focus on practicing gratitude and paying attention to the small things in life that bring a smile to their face. This conversation highlights the importance of selflessness and mindfulness in finding joy and contentment.

Boosting Your Mood with Everyday Moments 

  • 00:00: Introduction to the podcast
  • 00:45: Interview with Darcy Phillips begins
  • 01:08: Darcy shares what makes him happy
  • 01:57: Jake comments on Darcy's unique approach to happiness
  • 02:29: Darcy talks about the importance of practicing gratitude
  • 04:03: Jake reflects on the power of being present and grateful

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Jake Pearson  00:00 

Are you trying to figure out the secret to happiness, we're here what makes you happy with Jake Pearson, we want to make that happiness more accessible for you in your life. So stick around as we interview everyday people, inspirational leaders and your favorite celebrities on what makes them happy.


Welcome back to the podcast where we ask the simple question, what makes you happy? 


My name is Jake Pearson. I'm the host of this show. And we have today with us my favorite guest of all time, and my only guests so far on this podcast, my best friend and student Darcy Phillips, how are you Darcy?


Darcy Phillips  00:45

I'm feeling good today, Jake. I'm feeling happy.


Jake Pearson  00:50

That's great. That's in the context of what we're going to be talking about here. So let's jump straight into it. We have one major question to ask you on the podcast. What makes you happy, man?


Darcy Phillips  01:01

Good question. Thanks! I mean, it's not hard when you are on the only one [phonetic 01:05]. 


Jake Pearson  01:06



Darcy Phillips  01:08

What makes me happy? It's like such a broad question, right? Because I think what a lot of people like heaps of different things make me happy. So it's hard to boil down to like one kind of thing. I had to give it one answer, I'd say it's making other people happy. So it comes in a lot of different formats through my life, like, I have told a lot of jokes, I love to make people laugh, I find that's like a way to make people happy, or I used to work in a cafe, and giving someone a free cookie when they're having a bad day, or just a subtle compliment. And just seeing their face light up is like the best feeling. Surprising my girlfriend, something romantic things like that. I get a lot out of it personally. And that's something that makes me feel really happy.

Jake Pearson  01:50

Yes, I really love that that, that's amazing, because it's so unique to you. And I've known you your whole life. 


Darcy Phillips  01:57

Thank you.


Jake Pearson  01:58

And that's something-- Not your whole life, but pretty much majority of your life. And that is one thing that you've always done is you like to put smiles on other people's faces. And it's great that that's something that you find rewarding and makes you very happy. So, we're going to have a lot of listeners of the show. Our goal is to make this the number one podcast around mental health and happiness in general. What's some advice you would have for someone who's listening to this who's struggling to find something in life that is making them happy?


Darcy Phillips  02:29

Well, it's the kind of advice that I feel like anyone who's kind of looked into it, it's probably heard before. But it's like to practice gratefulness. But the way it kind of like, clicked for me, because I'd heard that advice, too. And I never really got into it, right? Because it's so annoying to keep a diary or a journal or things like that. But it's taking the moments in everyday life. Those little things when you step outside, and the weather, it's like, just perfect and taking a second to appreciate that. Because you'll find like in every day, there are tiny things you wouldn't even notice that you would never think about that are actually-- They're nice. If you take a second to appreciate it, you'll get [phonetic] oh damn, this is actually really cool. You know, your coffee in the morning, it tastes good. You come into the kitchen, the kitchen bench is clean. Like that's, that's my personal favorite. I love the clean kitchen bench. So taking a moment to appreciate things like that can really boost your mood.


Jake Pearson  03:25

I was just sitting here right now thinking the second you said, you know, paying attention to the little things in your day to day that normally you wouldn't really take notice of, me doing this podcast right now. I just sat here with this extreme joy in my heart, like I get this opportunity to do this podcast and speak with you that in itself is being grateful in the moment and paying attention to the little subtleties around you. Me just having this cup of coffee. We're basically just having a conversation even though this is a record-- [crosstalk 03:53]] And that makes me happy right now. And that's basically what you mean, right? Just the present. What is happening around you those little things?

Darcy Phillips  04:03

Yes, absolutely. It's so easy to get like focused on bigger picture, like, Oh, I like got to head to work in the morning. I've got to do all these things. I've got to clean the house. I've got other stuff coming up. But taking stock [phonetic 04:17] of-- Yes, smaller things, it changes absolutely everything. It's like the small things that can make such a huge difference. You know, obviously don't, you can't not focus on bigger things. But you know, it's doesn't take much time to take stalk [phonetic 04:33] and say, this is delicious chamomile tea, that's nice. I love that. I love my chamomile.


Jake Pearson  04:38

Yes. Well, thank you so much for coming on the podcast, and giving your insight into what makes you happy. And we do hope that this inspires the listeners to find what makes them happy. Thank you so much, man!.


Darcy Phillips  04:50

Oh, absolute pleasure. Thanks for having me.


Jake Pearson  04:52

Thank you. 


Darcy Phillips  04:53

Thanks for listening to the podcast. We hope it gives you something to think about on your quest to discover what makes you happy. Don't forget to leave a review or a comment and follow us on all our social media platforms so you can see our upcoming guests calendar. Thanks for listening. We'll see you next time! [Music]