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Jake Pearson interviews Luke Schembri on his podcast about what makes him happy. Luke explains that while many things bring him temporary happiness, his spiritual practice is what brings him true satisfaction. He encourages listeners not to be afraid to go deep into spirituality and find their origins by asking questions about themselves and their existence. Luke found his spirituality after suffering from addiction and connecting with a monk. He suggests that others start small with a daily spiritual practice to take control of their minds and improve their overall life.

Find Your Purpose and Inner Peace

00:00 - Introduction to the podcast, "What Makes You Happy"

00:36 - Introduction of guest Luke Schembri

00:40 - Jake asks Luke what makes him happy

01:11 - Jake asks Luke how he discovered his spiritual practice

02:05 - Luke's advice to listeners hoping to find happiness

03:04 - Jake asks Luke about his journey into spirituality

03:40 - Jake asks Luke for advice on how someone can start with spirituality

04:16 - Jake reflects on Luke's answer and the benefits of focusing on one area in life.

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Jake Pearson  00:00

Are you trying to figure out the secret to happiness? We're here at what makes you happy with Jake Pearson, we want to make that happiness more accessible for you in your life. So stick around as we interview everyday people, inspirational leaders and your favorite celebrities on what makes them happy.


Welcome back to the podcast where we ask you that one simple question, what makes you happy? 


My name is Jake Pearson. And today we have with us Luke Schembri. Luke! How you doing, man?


Luke Schembri  00:36

I'm very good. Thank you, mate. Yes, 5 minutes. Let's go.


Jake Pearson  00:40

So, straight into it. What makes you happy?


Luke Schembri  00:43

You know, a lot of things make me happy. You know, when people validate me, it makes me happy. When I see people doing well, it makes me happy. When I can help someone do something great, it makes me happy. When people like my content, it makes me happy. But what makes me truly satisfied? Is my spiritual practice. Because happiness fluctuates I'm happy and then down and up and down and up and down, up and down. But yes, I feel like the satisfaction comes from my spiritual practice.


Jake Pearson  01:11

And how did you think you found that spiritual practice being the main satisfaction to your happiness there?


Luke Schembri  01:17

Good question, man! Because I just found it. You know, the happiness I would get it would always fade away. You know, there's a law that I learned about the other day called the "Law of Satiation", which means that anything material fades; you get a new girlfriend, you're happy for a couple of months, fades away, everything fades, but that which is spiritual, it lasts. So it's how can we find lasting satisfaction in a temporary world?

Jake Pearson  01:46

And so what would you say to someone right now who is listening to this podcast, hoping to be inspired to find something new for themselves to discover a little bit more light or happiness in their lives? What would you say to that listener? On the other end of these headphones on, you know, they're on the train, they're in the car, they're just out for a walk? What would you say to them?


Luke Schembri  02:05

I'd say, don't be afraid to use your human intelligence, you know, the difference between us and any other life on the planet? And that's our ability to ask, who am I? Where did I come from? Why Am I Suffering? How do I prevent suffering? How do I live a peaceful life? And don't be afraid to go deep into spirituality?


Jake Pearson  02:26

So really getting to know yourself at the core of what makes you tick? Find the Origins... Is that basically what you're saying?


Luke Schembri  02:34

Find your origins? That's a very beautiful way of putting it. Find your origins. Where did you come from, and do not listen to mainstream science. Because they have no idea what they're talking about, you know, and we're given this-- You know, consciousness is coming from the brain, absolutely no evidence for it. You evolved from an ape, absolutely no evidence for it. We get told all this nonsense, and it stops us from pursuing the real goal of life. Who am I?


Jake Pearson  03:04

When you were sort of started to diving into spirituality for yourself? What was the steps that you took there?


Luke Schembri  03:11

Fortunately for me, you know, I was suffering one time, I was going through a terrible addiction. And I was always kind of spiritual. I always believed in something higher than me. But you know, this time I needed help, and I prayed, and I prayed, and I cried. And, you know, within one month-- Well, within a few weeks, I met a monk. And you know, within one month of me in this monk [phonetic 03:36], I just totally stopped my addiction. And it was a pretty savage addiction.


Jake Pearson  03:40

For those who are at home is there something else that you may think they can start with? It's really simple?


Luke Schembri  03:48

Yes, absolutely. Start with something very small every single day that you commit to have something that you- Even if it's just 5 or 10 minutes, the key is for it to be short and daily. If it's daily, you're keeping your mind at bay [phonetic 04:05], you're saying to your mind, 'Listen! I am in charge, not you', and that will grow. Things grow from that. 'One acorn can make an entire forest.’


Jake Pearson  04:16

I love that. I really do. Another thing I love is that ‘A rising tide lifts all boats'. And if you're focusing on that one little area in your life, it's going to lift up all the other areas in your life together. So it's like when you start exercising, or you start sleeping better, it affects your mental health, your gut health, your strength, your love, your relationship, your stress, how you manage your anxiety, just because that one thing, everything starts to grow. But Luke, thank you so much for coming on the podcast and sharing what makes you happy. It has been very insightful and you've dropped some absolute knowledge bombs, so we'll make sure that our listeners can connect with you through the podcast episode description below. Actually check out that guys. 


Luke! Thank you once again. 


Luke Schembri  05:03

Cheers brother! 


Jake Pearson  05:04

Thanks for listening to the podcast. We hope it gives you something to think about on your quest to discover what makes you happy. Don't forget to leave a review or a comment and follow us on all our social media platforms so you can see our upcoming guests calendar. Thanks for listening. We'll see you next time!