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The Connection Between Fear, Love, and Happiness

October 09, 2022

The Connection Between Fear, Love, and Happiness
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The What Makes You Happy Podcast hosted by Jake Pearson interviews Jan-Willem van der Haiden, a Warrior Coach based in Bali, Indonesia. Jan explains that as a Warrior Coach, he helps clients overcome fear and experience a new way of living. He found happiness through fighting and boxing, which he took up after struggling with anxiety, depression, and stress. Jan suggests that often happiness can be found by overcoming obstacles, which is often fear, and finding bravery in a safe environment. He believes that as one sheds fear, they find more love for themselves and others.

What Makes Jan-Willem van der Heiden Happy?

In this 5 minute episode, I sit down with Jan-Willem van der Heiden, a Warrior Coach, to discuss the ins and outs of his happiness.

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Podcast Summary: 


  • Introduction by Jake Pearson


  • Jan-Willem van der Haiden joins the podcast


  • Explanation of the role of a Warrior Coach


  • Linking Warrior Coaching to personal happiness


  • Jan-Willem's history with fighting and boxing


  • Advice to listeners looking to find happiness


  • The relationship between overcoming fear and finding love


  • End of the episode and connection information for Jan-Willem


  • Final thoughts by Jake Pearson.



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Jake Pearson  00:00

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My name is Jake Pearson. And today we have with us a Warrior Coach, Jan-Willem van der Haiden, from Bali, Indonesia. Jan, how are you?


Jan-Willem van der Haiden 00:39

Oh I am Fantastic today.


Jake Pearson  40:00

Thank you so much for coming on the podcast to share all things that make you happy. Could you start with what a Warrior Coach is just a bit of context there before we go into what makes you happy?


Jan-Willem van der Haiden 00:55

I like a question. I think a warrior overcomes this fear among else. And that's what I do with my clients. So I’ve fired [phonetic 01:01] my clients, which I think is most scary thing we can do on Earth. And so they can stand up for the self and overcome their fears. Because those fears shows up everywhere in life, in relationship, in business, even in social gatherings. And so when they are able to overcome that fear and change their pattern, they experience a whole new way of living.


Jake Pearson  01:20

I love that. And does that tie into what makes you happy as a person?


Jan-Willem van der Haiden 01:24

Yes, actually it does. Because boxing is a fundamental part of my life, fighting is, because at one point in my life, when I was younger, in my early 20s, I was riddled with anxiety, sadness, and stress, depression, suicidal. And then I got into boxing, and fighting, even to this day and making something so proud of myself that I was willing to lean into it.


Jake Pearson  01:51

And you've leaned into that, and you found that makes you happy. That's great. And how long have you been fighting?

Jan-Willem van der Haiden 01:58

For about 13 years now. The first year I was already part of a world championship in China. And I got beat pretty badly. And I was the happiest I've ever been. Because I felt so free.


Jake Pearson  02:18

Go figure. That's amazing, incredible. And with that the whole story around you coaching your clients to overcome fear through fighting and boxing making you happy? What would you say to our listeners who are struggling to find a bit of their own happiness? What would your advice be to them listening right now?


Jan-Willem van der Haiden 02:39

Often happiness is not something we can find without overcoming our own obstacles. And so for me, it's like really find out what's in the way of your own happiness. And it's oftentimes fear. And so when we find a way to be more brave, and doing that in a safe container, we also find our own happiness. Yeah,


Jake Pearson  02:58

I really resonate with that. Get rid of what stands in your way, overcome those obstacles. And most of the time being fear, as you've said, you let go of that fear, you become a lot more self assured, self confident. And that will at least in my experience, that has really worked for me letting go of a lot of fears, especially fear of failure, just as a bit of a personal context, has made my life a lot better. Could you say the same for you? 


Jan-Willem van der Haiden 03:25

Yes, what I really noticed the opposite of fear of love. And so every time I found a way to shed a new layer of fear, I found more love for myself for others. For what I do free going to sleep. It's been an incredible journey. And that's why I did this work. And that's why it makes me so happy.


Jake Pearson  03:50

Well, that's amazing. We really appreciate you here on the What Makes You Happy Podcast sharing what makes you happy and to some of your life lessons might be experience. Thank you so much for coming on the podcast. 


Jan-Willem van der Haiden 04:02

It’s been an absolute pleasure. 


Jake Pearson  04:04

And if you'd love to connect with Jan, you can do so by checking out the podcast episode description below Jan until next. 

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