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Oct. 4, 2022

5 Things that Bring This Jazz Pianist Happiness

5 Things that Bring This Jazz Pianist Happiness

5 Things that Bring Happiness by Rick DellaRatta

1. Find a philosophy that works for you.

Life is never without adversity nor should it be as we always learn more from our failures and adversities than we do from our successes and good fortune.

Recently I found that stoicism, a relatively ancient philosophy based on a journal kept by a Roman emperor named Marcus Aurelius as well as a handful of others who have contributed, has been helpful for me to put things into a proper and healthy perspective.

2. Find a hobby that works for you.

For me, that can change from historical and biographical interests from the Civil War to Great artists and music composers of the past, to data and other information which affects our climate and financial markets to a relatively current interest in the study of personality disorders such as

narcissism which if navigated with knowledge and understanding can avert or at least lessen the severity of potentially dangerous encounters.

3. Find an activity that works for you.

One such activity for me has been daily exercise which if I am fortunate enough can be skiing in the winter and swimming and basketball during the summer and fall. Often I have been able to bring a lift to my endorphins and a great start to my day this way which then reflects positively on the rest of the day.

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4. Find a goal that works for you.

Because I am a Jazz Musician there is usually something difficult and challenging in front of me at all times and a never ending need to improve and strive to achieve. Surrounding that I often have sometimes relatively mundane but still relatively important things that I need to continue to improve on and advance with. The completion or advancement of one goal always seems to open up the door to another.

5. Find personal and social interactions that work for you.

During the pandemic, many people felt isolated and now I believe we are starting to realize the importance of personal and positive interactions with others. Simply by being cognizant about the importance of this can go a long way in assuring that you do not become any more isolated in the world of cyber technology than you need to be and are able to stay within your healthy comfort zone. 

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