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Disovering Your Happy Button | What Makes You Happy Podcast

April 05, 2023

Disovering Your Happy Button | What Makes You Happy Podcast
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In this episode of the "What Makes You Happy" podcast, host Jake Pearson speaks with Joleen Sheldon, the founder and creative director of Emotional Theater.

Joleen is an inspirational figure and she shares her tools and techniques for enhancing happiness. She introduces the technique of "Anchoring," which involves placing a neurological link to a feel-good memory at a pressure point on your body.

This creates a "happy button" that can be triggered whenever you need a boost of happiness. Joleen walks listeners through the steps of how to create their own happy button and explains how to strengthen the link between the pressure point and the happy memory.

This episode is a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their happiness and emotional well-being.

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Welcome back to the podcast where we ask the question, what makes you happy? Our guest today is an inspirational figure in the world of artistic creativity and emotional intelligence, helping people tap into their emotions for greater self awareness, personal growth, and empathy. Please welcome the founder and creative director of Emotional Theater, we have Jolene Sheldon from Colorado. Jolene, how are you? And welcome to what makes you happy.

I am wonderful, thank you. A pleasure to have you here to talk about all things happiness and especially your happiness. So would you mind starting that for us? What does make you happy, jolene I have been learning and enhancing my emotional intelligence and building my EQ and finding tools and techniques to enhance my happiness.

And that is what is making me happy. So you have some tools and techniques that make you happy, and I hope that you're not going to hold them back today. Would you mind sharing that with us? What are your tools and techniques that help make you happy? So, I have a really great one.

It is called Anchoring, and it is placing a neurological link to a feel good memory to a pressure point on your body. And I call that placing a happy button onto, in this case, my hand, so I can go through the technique and we can do it together. Absolutely.

We definitely want to hear how to create a happy button on our body, so please fire away. This is how it works. You recall up your best memory, the one that as soon as you think about it, you instantly feel joy.

And when you recall that memory up, you identify a place on your body where you'd like to place your button. And so in this case, I have chose my ring finger fingernail. And so how it works is you pull that memory up and as it reaches its peak, the just point where you're smiling ear to ear, you place pressure onto your anchor point.

And as it starts to fade, you release that pressure so that you're getting the best of the memory. And then you clear your memory and you ask yourself a random question like, when did I wake up this morning? And then you test it, and I have loaded mine quite happily. So I instantly feel the effect of my anchor point.

And the last step would be to repeat that process and then repeat that process again with another memory. And as you load and stack your anchor point, then it becomes stronger and stronger and you're neurologically connecting those happy feel good memories with the pressure of your pressure point. It's just that easy.

You're creating that button that you can sort of anchor yourself to with all these wonderful positive memories that you have and that's going to be so vast and different for everyone, but it's going to achieve, hopefully, the same thing, which is to bring all this happiness to you, right when you need it. Even when you're feeling happy, you can feel extra happy, right? And it's just such a wonderful tool in that link between that memory and that pressure point gets linked and it's yours. It is your special happy button and it's a beautiful, wonderful, exciting, fabulous thing.

Absolutely. Jolene, thank you so much for sharing with us how to create our very own happy button on our body. I'm sure this is going to be something that really helps all of us become that much happier, even when we're already feeling incredibly happy as well.

It's been an absolute pleasure to have you here today. Thanks for listening to the podcast. We hope it gives you something to think about on your quest to discover what makes you happy.