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Find Your Genius & Lean On It | What Makes You Happy Podcast

February 15, 2023

Find Your Genius & Lean On It | What Makes You Happy Podcast
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In this episode of the What Makes You Happy podcast, we are interviewing Laurie McGinley, ClimateTech Conductor, about finding your genius and leaning on it to experience happiness in life.

Laurie shares that her happiness stems from witnessing big transformations, elevating geniuses, and woodturning. She believes that joy follows ease and encourages listeners to explore the things in their lives that come naturally to them and feel effortless.

For Laurie, these things are likely what you are meant to be doing and can bring happiness and joy to your life. She also emphasizes the importance of trust and allowing yourself to lean into your genius. Ultimately, Laurie's message is one of hope and encouragement to anyone who is seeking happiness and fulfillment in their life.

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