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Finding Happiness Beyond Your Limits | What Makes You Happy Podcast

March 26, 2023

Finding Happiness Beyond Your Limits | What Makes You Happy Podcast
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In this episode of the What Makes You Happy podcast, host Jake Pearson interviews Mary Hodge, co-creator of the Siren Soapbox Podcast. Mary talks about how she finds true happiness in scuba diving and spending time with her boyfriend and their kids.

Mary shares her belief that people should challenge themselves to do something outside of their comfort zone at least once a month. She explains that leaving our comfort zones is where growth happens, and if we never challenge ourselves, our lives can become mundane and boring.

One tip Mary offers is to try something new or scary with a friend or loved one. It can be easier to step outside of our comfort zones when we have someone we trust by our side.

Tune in for insightful tips for finding happiness and growth through challenging ourselves and stepping outside of our comfort zones.

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