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The podcast "What Makes You Happy with Jake Pearson" aims to explore the concept of happiness and what brings joy to people's lives. Today, Jake interviews Carrie Brummer, an artist and art teacher from Spring, Texas. Carrie explains that for her, the act of making art and creating is what brings her happiness and is like "soul food". She also emphasizes the importance of embracing one's creative interests and showing up for them, as it can change the trajectory of one's life. Carrie references the research of Dr. Stuart Brown, who found a correlation between lack of play in childhood and later violent criminal behavior.

What Makes Carrie Brummer Happy?

In this 5-minute episode, I sit down with Carrie Brummer, an Artist and Art Teacher, to discuss the ins and outs of her happiness.

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Podcast Summary: 


  • Introduction to the podcast "What Makes You Happy with Jake Pearson"


  • Interview with Carrie Brummer, an artist and art teacher from Spring, Texas


  • Jake Pearson asks what makes Carrie Brummer happy


  • Carrie Brummer says that making art and having time and space for the process is her soul food and the most obvious thing that makes her happy.


  • She emphasizes that the joy of making art is in the process, not just the end destination, and the personal growth she experiences from it.


  • Jake Pearson shares his experience of building his own garden beds and finding joy in the process.


  • Carrie Brummer says that she tries to help people find their own creative interests through her work as an educator and encourages people to embrace their creative interests without feeling the pressure to monetize it.


  • Carrie Brummer shares the importance of showing up for something you care about, as it can change the trajectory of your life.



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Jake Pearson  00:00

Are you trying to figure out the secret to happiness, we're here What Makes You Happy with Jake Pearson, we want to make that happiness more accessible for you in your life. So stick around as we interview everyday people, inspirational leaders and your favorite celebrities on what makes them happy.


Welcome back to the podcast where we ask the simple question, what makes you happy? 


My name is Jake Pearson. And today we have with us an artist and art teacher who helps artists shine. We've got Carrie Brummer from Spring Texas, USA. And I really hope that I pronounced that Carrie, how are you?


Carrie Brummer  00:40

This is spot on. Thank you. I'm well. Thank you. And thanks for having me.


Jake Pearson  00:45

I'm super excited. Thank you for coming on the podcast. And it was gonna be a really unique perspective, because I don't think we've had many creatives and artists to come and share what makes them happy. So would you please start with what makes you happy?


Carrie Brummer  00:58

Well, the most obvious is making art, having time and space, there's something so-- I don't know, it's kind of soul food for me to be able to the act of making, it's not about the product, which I think a lot of people have a misconception about, it's the process of making a work. And I find as a teacher, that it's also my students desire to make, though they don't always give themselves that permission. And they feel like they have to have a certain skill level or a certain talent in order to give themselves that time and permission to create, and I know for myself that I didn't start riding a bike without falling a few times. And an art is a skill that you can develop. And I've seen my own personal growth. And that's kind of part of the satisfaction, I think, as well doing that work. 


I feel a real sense of joy. Just showing up in my studio. And I typically work in portraiture and studying the faces that I explore and working in the materials that I do.

Jake Pearson  02:01

I really resonate with what you've said there in terms of the process, and not the end destination. Yet the end destination is great. But it's all about the creation itself, the new skills and the things that you learn about yourself along the way, isn't it?


Carrie Brummer  02:14

Absolutely. I will say I had my first solo exhibition a few years ago. And that weekend, I felt such joy. But it was in part because my family and friends came to celebrate this with me. And they could see and recognize the years of effort that went into that moment. And that's what made that kind of culminating event so special to me. But without that process of spending the time and studying the work and coming up with the concept for the show, none of that would have happened. And I don't think any of that joy from those events would have even been there if I hadn't spent that time showing up in the studio, even on the days when maybe I wasn't as excited to show up and work on those paintings.


Jake Pearson  02:59

Yeah. And I think there's a really important message there with what you said, 'It's not just about that end destination, it's about everything you do, leading up to it, the hardships, the the highs, the lows, and if you experienced that, it's just gonna make that moment more bittersweet and enjoyable, right there when you got to that show,' which I really resonate with. I've referenced this in podcasts before I built my own garden beds instead of paying for them. And just by doing that, I found a lot more satisfaction and happiness of learning how to put it together, putting the soil in growing the produce the vegetables in that, that was really fulfilling. It gave me a lot of joy, rather than just buying them and going cool. Every time I walk past them. I go, 'Hey, I made that.' 


Carrie Brummer  03:42

Yeah, exactly. 


Jake Pearson  03:43

I know all the work that went into that. What would you say is that then to our listeners who are struggling to find something that makes them happy in their life.


Carrie Brummer  03:53

So part of my passion as an educator, involves helping people show up with their creativity. And obviously I specifically deal with drawing and painting. That's kind of my jam. However, I also try to encourage everyone to embrace their creative interests, whatever they look like. 


There's a researcher, his name is Dr. Stuart Brown, and he studied play and this notion of play and for me, play is expressed through art. Play might be different for several listeners here, everyone's gonna have a different answer. But he found in his research that there was a direct correlation between lack of play in the lives of children and later violent criminal offenses from people in a prison that he connected with. And I feel like for me, that's the answer like, there is nothing more powerful than us showing up for our creativity without feeling like we have to monetize it or do something with it. The act of showing up for something we care about is so valuable it can literally change the trajectory of your life.


Jake Pearson  04:58

Wonderfully put Carrie. Thank you so much for sharing all things that make you happy in that beautiful piece of advice there as well. 


Carrie Brummer  04:58

Thank you. 


Jake Pearson  04:58

Beautiful. It's been a pleasure. And if you would love to connect with Carrie, you can do so by clicking the podcast episode description below. Until next time, Carrie! 

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