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Sabrina Osso review of What Makes You Happy

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Jake Pearson on his podcast, What Makes You Happy. Jake made me feel very comfortable throughout the interview and he showcased us in the best light. We would be happy to return anytime in the future. -Sabrina Osso from Osso Safe

This made me happy!

So great - It is vital to stop and think about what makes you happy and do things that bring in more happiness.

uggets of Happiness

We're all busy and often harrowed, but everyone has a few minutes in their day to focus on something foundational and important in life -- and that's what Jake Pearson's podcast is all about! With brief, thoughtful and easily digestible episodes, the "What Makes You Happy" podcast delivers Nuggets of Happiness to brighten and enlighten anyone's day. Thanks, Jake!

Supremely awesome topic!

I love the flow, and the ease of conversation, but ultimately there need to be more conversations like this one! Great job Jake!

Concentrate your happiness

Jake has a gift for concentrating all the happiness in me so that I can feel it all at once.

Sabrina Osso Review of What Makes You Happy podcast

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Jake Pearson on his podcast What Makes You Happy. I liked that it was short and sweet, to the point, and positive. We appreciated the opportunity. -Sabrina Osso from Osso Safe

Love the positive outlook

These are a great boost to my day!

Excellent Show and Host

I think the podcast as a whole is really positive; which is a lovely change from what is usually seen and heard within the media today.

Excellent Concept and Great Host!

I like the way Jake has come up with a simple message which through his interviews can reveal many different ways and perspectives to achieving that goal.

My humble review

Podcast idea is brilliant, 5 minute short clips about what makes people happy is good for people to gain insight into other peoples lives.

Fresh perspectives on happiness

I sincerely enjoy and look forward to this podcast. I love that it is only five minutes, so I can easily fit it into my schedule without adding it to my list of things "to do". I also appreciate the variety of guests, from all different backgrounds and walks of life. I find that it shows how much we are all alike, because we have many items that makes us happy in common. It doesn't get repetitive though, because each person shares their own perspective, and it is often a helpful reminder to do some of the activities I haven't done in awhile.

Quick & uplifting show

Jake does a great job interviewing guests to find out what makes them happy. Itโ€™s a great listen as itโ€™s such a simple concept but everyone has such different perspectives on happiness. Definitely worth a listen ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป