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Setting the Tone for a Great Day | What Makes You Happy Podcast

April 16, 2023

Setting the Tone for a Great Day | What Makes You Happy Podcast
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In this episode of "What Makes You Happy," Jenny Lee, a mindset coach shares her thoughts on the importance of spending time with oneself and developing joyful morning routines.

She explains that morning routines are ways of self-love, healing, and nourishment, and that spending time with oneself is the root of it all. Lee suggests that morning is the best time to do this, as it is the most non-judgmental time, and one can set the tone for the day with just five to seven minutes of focusing on something happy and joyful.

She encourages listeners to create an environment where they can be present with themselves and prioritize their happiness. By doing this, they can set their expectations for the day and create positive energy to help them achieve their goals.

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Welcome back to the podcast where we ask the question, what makes you happy? Our guest today focuses on developing joyful morning routines. Identifying that morning routines are ways of self love, healing and nourishment. We have with us today Jenny Lee from West Hartford, Connecticut.

Jenny, it is a pleasure to have you with us today. Thank you so much for having me. I'm so, so excited and so happy to meet you.

Happy is the word. And I'm very happy to meet you too and talk about all the things, Jenny, that bring you joy and happiness in your life. So would you mind starting with that for us? What does make you happy? Yeah, absolutely.

So you mentioned earlier morning routines as a way of nourishment and self love, but what really is the root of it all is spending time with yourself. In the morning is the only time that is the most non judgmental. Nobody's watching me, nobody's judging me, because I grew up in a very conservative environment and that was the biggest joy that I ever had in my life, just with myself.

And it then expanded to other ways, like traveling on my own, hanging out on my own a little more. And so everything is rooted with just spending time with myself, touching on that. Jenny I think a lot of people struggle spending time by themselves.

And in today's environment, we have access to smartphones, which we sleep with pretty much. They're right next to us. We open those up pretty much straight away.

We blind ourselves and we're in the lives of everybody else in our circle and we're immediately out of our body or out of our environment. We're putting ourselves into that world wide web. I think a lot of people struggle to create an environment that they can just be present in for just themselves, to create things like a morning routine, or to learn about themselves, or to grow with themselves, or to heal or just take time to be them.

So what would you say to our listeners who may be struggling with that, who can't find aren't finding the time or aren't making the time for better words to prioritize themselves and that they're struggling with the happiness because of that why I choose the morning, because it is the easiest time. You just wake up and the world is still asleep. Nobody's as awake around you.

And it's also the time when your brain is the most malleable, the most susceptible. And so when you wake up and you think of something, say, oh, I'm going to do something really fun just for me, something that you're excited to wake up to. For me, it's dancing.

And if you do that on a consistent basis, maybe every day, every morning. And in that state of the hypnotic state, that's what the scientists would call it, right? When your brain is between that delta wave and is it alpha? No, delta and theta wave, that's when your brain is the most malleable. And the fun thing that you know that you're going to do is that happy, joyful energy that are seeds that's going to grow into a happy tree throughout the day.

And so that's it. I really love that you said malleable. You have five to 7 minutes or whatever it is, time to yourself where you get to set the tone for the day, create your energy, and that's a good opportunity for you to set your expectations for yourself.

Really. If you start your morning great, the day should go well in theory, but also the opposite is true. If you start your morning and it's crap for lack of better words or you do nothing to help yourself get into a good mood and you just give yourself the anxiety when you wake up and you think, oh, I've got all this work to do, immediately you're like, oh crap.

You just put this pressure on you. Like a lot of us, right? That's the weapon that goes against us is the memory from yesterday that don't. So one thing you could do, if you guys watching and listening this wake up, start pick, just give yourself an opportunity to focus on what you're going to do well today.

Create yourself a little bit of positive energy. Jenny, it has been an absolute pleasure to share all things that bring you joy, that make you happy and also how you create your happiness in the morning to start a fantastic day. We really appreciate your time today here at what makes you happy.