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The Significance of Taking a Break from Technology for Mental Health

July 17, 2022

The Significance of Taking a Break from Technology for Mental Health
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In this episode of the podcast "What Makes You Happy", Jake Pearson interviews Brooke Wright, the host of women's running retreats "Respirit Retreats." Brooke shares that running makes her happy as it helps her manage her anxiety and depression. She brings women together to help them find joy through running. She advises people struggling with anxiety to start small, like going for a 5-10 minute walk or run, and it will get better. Connect with Brooke in the podcast episode description to learn more about her and her retreats.

What Makes Brooke Wright Happy?

In this 5 minute episode, I sit down with Brooke, a Mum, wife, runner, and host of women's running retreats @ Respirit Retreats, to discuss the ins and outs of her happiness.

Show Notes:


  • Introduction to the podcast "What Makes You Happy with Jake Pearson"


  • Jake Pearson speaks with Brooke Wright, host of women's running retreats called "Respirit Retreats"


  • Brooke Wright is in Wollongong, near Sydney, Australia.


  • Jake asks Brooke what makes her happy.


  • Brooke shares that running makes her happy and has helped her manage anxiety and depression in her life. She finds joy in bringing women together through running and helping them benefit from it.


  • Jake asks Brooke for advice for someone struggling with anxiety and depression.


  • Brooke recommends that people get outside and be more active, starting with just a 5 to 10 minute walk or run.


  • If listeners want to connect with Brooke, they can find her Instagram and more information on Respirit Retreats in the episode description.


  • Conclusion of the podcast with Jake thanking Brooke for being on the show.

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Jake Pearson  00:00

Are you trying to figure out the secret to happiness? We're here at What Makes You Happy with Jake Pearson. We want to make that happiness more accessible for you in your life. So stick around as we interview everyday people, inspirational leaders and your favorite celebrities on what makes them happy.


Welcome back to the podcast where we ask the question, what makes you happy?


My name is JPS. And today we have with us Brooke Wright, who is the host of a women's running retreat, "Respirit Retreats" Brooke, how are you?


Brooke Wright  00:31

Hey, Jake! I'm good. Thank you. How are you?


Jake Pearson  00:42

I'm doing quite well, got coffee in hand. Where are you coming from today?


Brooke Wright  00:46

So I'm in Wollongong.


Jake Pearson  00:48

So for those who aren't living in Australia, that is in just up the road from me in [phonetic] Melbourne. Isn't it?


Brooke Wright  00:55

It's like an hour and a half south of Sydney.


Jake Pearson  00:58

So about [phonetic] New South Wales. So just a little bit up the road? It's going to be an amazing little episode. You host women's running retreats, don't you?


Brooke Wright  01:06

Yes, I do. It's the passion of mine.


What makes you happy?


Jake Pearson  01:09

Lovely. Would you be able to share with us what makes you happy?


Brooke Wright  01:12

So one thing that really makes me happy is running, I have experienced anxiety and depression in my life. And running has been a tool for me to manage it. And as part of that, then what makes me happy is bringing women together and getting them into running as well so that they can benefit from it and find joy through running.


Jake Pearson  01:37

Yes. And has that been something that you have a big personal connection to?


Brooke Wright  01:42

When my anxiety was at its worst? I would wake up in the morning, and it would just start until the time I went to bed at night. And then I started running. And for a little while that was the only piece that I could get. I would put my headphones in and run and my mind would be quiet for that time. And that was kind of the hope that I held on to. And so yes, and now I just run as a way to feel good. And challenge myself and remind myself that I can do hard things. And yes, that's why it makes me so happy.


Jake Pearson  02:24

That's a beautiful little reminder that just to remind yourself that you can do hard things. Yeah, sometimes I feel like we as people need to be able to just give ourselves those little reminders. Because we're always in our own heads. You know, for someone who may be listening to the podcast right now, what advice would you give to them? If maybe they're experiencing some maybe similar anxiety and they're struggling to find a little bit of happiness in their life?


Brooke Wright  02:50

I guess I would just say that, you know, I've been there. And it does get better. It might not feel like it at the moment. But I can guarantee if you just hold on it will get better.



Jake Pearson  03:04

Would you recommend they get outside and maybe try to go for a walk/run? Or just be active, try to be more active in general.

Brooke Wright  03:13

For sure. Like it can feel really hard. But if you just get out and maybe just start with walking and just get out in the morning, sun, don't wear sunnies like to just really soak that in. Even if it's just 5 or 10 minutes, then you go back to bed, like if that's what you need to do. But yes, I definitely think that exercise. Yes, can really help.


Jake Pearson  03:40

And I love that you've mentioned just 5 to 10 minutes. Like, that isn't a huge commitment of time. It's a small barrier that you have to get yourself out of the gate. But once you're out there, you might find that that 5 or 10 minutes- Well [phonetic 03:55] I have in the past when I went running, I would say on a Sunday. Hey, just go for a minute run. That's all. The whole point is you go running and every time I would go I would find myself going further and further and doing a little bit more. So it might just be that you just find that you just need to get out the door and see what happens.


Brooke Wright  04:13

That's it. Start small.


Jake Pearson  04:15

If you would like to connect with Brooke, you can do so in the podcast episode description below. You'll be able to find her Instagram, which would be really awesome. And you can go check out some more information on the Respirit Retreats, which will be really cool. Brooke, it's been a pleasure to have you on the podcast to share all things that make you happy.


Brooke Wright  04:32

Thanks, Jake. I've really enjoyed it.



Jake Pearson  04:34

Thank you!


Thanks for listening to the podcast. We hope it gives you something to think about on your quest to discover what makes you happy. Don't forget to leave a review or a comment and follow us on all our social media platforms so you can see our upcoming guests calendar. Thanks for listening. We'll see you next time!