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Meghan Houle is an executive recruitment partner and certified master coach. She believes that there are many things that make her happy, including fitness, animals, and setting boundaries. She recommends people to learn to say no to things that do not bring them joy and not over-extend themselves for the sake of pleasing others. During the podcast, Meghan shares her experiences of being a reformed people pleaser and the importance of self-care.

What Makes Meghan Houle Happy?

In this 5-minute episode, I sit down with Meghan Houle, a Senior Executive Recruiter for Luxury Retail & Speciality Brands and ACC Accredited Career and Business Coach, to discuss the ins and outs of her happiness.

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Podcast Summary: 


  • Introduction to the podcast, "What Makes You Happy with Jake Pearson"


  • Introduction to guest Meghan Houle from Boston


  • Meghan's two things that make her happy: fitness and animals (especially cats)


  • Jake shares that he is similar to Meghan in smiling at dogs while passing by


  • Meghan's advice for listeners struggling to find happiness: setting boundaries and saying no to things that don't bring joy


  • Meghan reflects on how 2020 allowed for moments of peace and self-reflection.


  • Meghan shares how the year 2020 helped her reflect and understand the importance of self-care and peace.


  • Meghan highlights the importance of focusing on one's mental and physical well-being for a happier life.


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Jake Pearson  00:00

Are you trying to figure out the secret to happiness? We're here at What Makes You Happy with Jake Pearson. We want to make that happiness more accessible for you in your life. So stick around as we interview everyday people, inspirational leaders and your favorite celebrities on what makes them happy.


Welcome back to the podcast where we ask the question, what makes you happy?


My name is Jake Pearson and today we have with us an executive recruitment partner, and certified master coach, who is the one-stop shop for all things, careers, and personal development. We have Meghan Houle from Boston, United States. Meghan, how are you?


Meghan Houle  00:46

I'm doing so well. Thanks for having me on.


Jake Pearson  00:49

I'm super excited to have you on. Can we stop Meghan with what does make you happy?


Meghan Houle  00:55

The million-dollar question... So many things. But thinking on it two things if I can have two things. 

  1. So one, absolutely. I love all things fitness. So working out because I feel like Happy Body happy mood. It really just sets the tone for everything else for the day. I feel like when I miss those workouts for some reason, my pep and [phonetic 01:20] my step is like a little different. But that's okay, we need to rest our bodies. So that's that. 

  1. And cats and animals... Any animal. I am that girl that will walk down the streets of Boston and probably low-key scare people. Anyone that has a puppy, a dog, a bird, a peacock, anything, I'm like, "Oh my god, I love it." And everyone's like, "Whoa, lady", and you have to be careful because you can't just like pet all the dogs because, yeah... So I always ask, but I go nuts. And then the dog goes nuts. And you know, I have this like high pitched voice I use so it's pretty special. Maybe you'll come to Boston and check it out someday.

Jake Pearson  02:02

I'm the kind of person and I wonder if you do this too. When you're walking past someone and they've got the dog, you'll smile at the dog. 


Meghan Houle  02:09

Oh, I smile at dog [phonetic 02:10] out. Yeah. 


Jake Pearson  02:11

Then you maybe will give them that the person kind of like a little bit of a non-bit [phonetic 02:14] that you've got all the attention on the dog. Like who's- you don't have a human anymore. I don't care about.


Meghan Houle  02:20

1,000%... Oh, yeah. And I talked to them like, Hey, buddy. They are like, Who you are talking.


Jake Pearson  02:28

When you're going shopping or grocery shopping, and there's a dog that's in the car or something, you're like, Hey, how are you? 


Meghan Houle  02:34

And then they get all fired up. Yes, I 100% do that. Yep, that's me.


Jake Pearson  02:42

It's funny. You mentioned dogs, while I just changed my phone background to a picture of my dog. I don't know just like looking at it and going [phonetic 02:48]. I just smile. I'm like, Oh, he's such a good boy.


Meghan Houle  02:51

I know, and it's an unconditional love too... I mean, that's like someone that you come home to looks forward to, like, just yeah, all the love in the world for those sweet little animals. You know.


Jake Pearson  03:03

I love that. Well, thank you for sharing what makes you happy? Now this is the part where your listeners might be thinking, what is Meghan going to share with us for her piece of advice for the episode? What would you say to our listeners, you know, who may be struggling to find something that makes them happy in their lives.


Meghan Houle  03:18

So thinking on this, I would say, beyond the fitness and the animals another big part of my happiness, which I think really has been a learning lesson throughout my entire life is setting boundaries. I am so happy with myself that I have gotten to this point where I actually love saying no to people- You know, for the right things. I mean, I feel like as a reformed people pleaser, I'm sure there's a lot of people out there that are the same. You know, you want to make everybody happy. You want to say yes to everything, you want to do all the things, you know, sometimes to your detriment, where you're burning the candle at both ends, you're showing up to things that you don't want to be at. And then you're bringing this kind of like negative energy and tone because you're like, I don't want to be here. Why did I do this? And it's so powerful. And I feel like 2020 obviously gave us no choice other than to sit with ourselves and really have those moments of peace and silence and you're not going to the big holiday parties. You're not doing the gathering, right? 


So I feel like it's taken a couple of years for people to really come out and some feel comfortable, coming into big spaces and events and things like that. I remember watching TV and I'm like, "Are we ever going to have concert again?" Like, remember, like, early 2020, I am like, "Ew are we ever going to go and sit next to somebody?" And we do, we are... But I think like what's so magical boundaries like, oh God, it brings so much joy, whether it's a career boundary, where you're really setting a expectation in a business of like, I'm not working 14 hours a day, I'm not going to kill myself every single day and be on this hamster wheel. And then in life too, you know, it's not about like, pleasing family or parents or friends, you know, just by doing all the things and kind of showing up and authentically, what do you want to do? You know, in that powerful question of like, really sitting with yourself and saying, like, how does this serve me? Or how does this serve my goals? And it's something I coached to in my own practice, and I think a lot of people just get stuck in setting boundaries. And then really, they're just feeling off track of- off kilter, however you want to put it, when you can really step into your power and voice and say, You know what, if you want to see me, if you want to do this thing, here's when I'm available, here's what I want to do, and feeling no shame in saying no, and not having FOMO. I call it Jomo. It's like the joy of missing out. 


So that's my piece of advice today, people embrace the Jomo. Okay, everyone... Even now that we're back, and I think now, Jake, more than ever, that like everything... Here, especially in the US is back. People are kind of back to these routines, where they're like, I got to do it. I got to do it, the kids and this and that. It's like, no, If we learned anything, the hustle, the burnout, culture, all of it like people, like just give yourself a moment and don't do the things that you should think- that you should be doing. Do the things that you want to do. That's it. Amen.


Jake Pearson  06:40

Amen. And I thought I wanted to add to that, but then you continue to cover my point anyway. So Meghan, beautifully said, Thank you so much for sharing all things that make you happy. And that wonderful piece of advice there at the end.


Meghan Houle  06:54

Oh, it's my pleasure. Protect your energy. Protect your peace.


Jake Pearson  06:58

And learn to say, "No." Absolutely. Thank you so much. 


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