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The Power of Deep Connection | What Makes You Happy Podcast

March 29, 2023

The Power of Deep Connection | What Makes You Happy Podcast
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Get ready for another episode of the "What Makes You Happy" podcast with your host Jake Pearson and the incredible Neo Silva, a Vedic meditation teacher from Australia!

Neo learned Vedic Meditation in January 1994, practiced it every day ever since, and it gave him the rest and mental resilience he needed.

But what really makes Neo happy? Deep connections! It's all about those moments of real connection with people, places, and things that bring happiness. And he's got a great story to share about a client who felt a shift in her mood and energy after struggling for months. That's the kind of connection that makes life worth living!

And if you're feeling down and out, don't worry! Neo's got your back. He believes that there's always a way to get out of your own head and feel the connection. You just need to shift your state of consciousness, and he'll show you how to do it. It's all about taking action and finding those moments of rest and quiet that stir up your sense of connection and joy.

So, get ready to boost your mood and find your inner happiness with Neo Silva and the "What Makes You Happy" podcast!

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