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April 30, 2023

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Anger, misery, hatred, negativity are instinctive however peace, love, happiness, positivity are conscious choices that we make to live well. Happiness is something you can decide ahead of time. The greatest asset we all have is the power of choice to decide how we feel. Forgive others, yourself, and what happened in the past. Create your own happiness. Surround yourself with the right people. Live in the moment. Focus on and appreciate what you have and be thankful for it. Feel the happiness!

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Welcome back to the podcast where we ask the question, what makes you happy? My name is Jake Pearson, and our guest today is a serial entrepreneur focused on the creator economy. They have built one of the largest in in some marketplaces in North America, growing it to more than half a million content creators. And his newest platform is the LinkedIn equivalent for content creators.

Please welcome the founder and CEO of creatorland Brian Freedman from Los Angeles, California. Mate. How you doing, Jake's? Great to be here.

I'm doing great, thanks for asking. This is incredible. And as a creator myself, I'm very interested in yourself and your journey and the things that make you happy.

So would you mind starting with that? Brian, what does make you happy? I'm serial entrepreneur, so I live every day, sometimes feels like all day. Every day is work. So I kind of like to bucket them in two things, so the personal side and then the business side, and sometimes they overlap.

I think one thing we were talking about before the show started that I thought was a great reminder of something that makes me happy is when I can talk to other people who have gone through similar struggles. To me, it can feel very isolating, very lonely to be a CEO, especially, but also an entrepreneur. And when you have a group of other people around you who are going through similar stuff and just there's nothing like an hour long call of being able to vent and worry, no, you're not going to offend somebody.

And they're in it just like you, and they want you to win, and they're down to hear you complain. And sometimes you just need that. And sometimes the way I feel after talking to talking to one of my friends like that, it's just super cathartic.

And it allows you to kind of go into the next thing, especially with your family, with a little less stress and a little less anxiety. So that's one thing that makes me happy. And then on the family side, the pandemic started me working from home, and we had a kid during the pandemic, so I've got a 20 month old son, and getting to be with him and my wife was nothing like it.

I love it. And I relate so heavily to the first thing he said, not the second half, because I don't have a son, but I do have a dog. And he came and started living with me post COVID.

But yeah, like feeling almost isolated because you can't talk about the things that are stressing you out. And so it's so important, the work that you're doing with Creator Land, isn't it? Bringing people together that share common experience to help them feel less stressed and more happy with what they're doing. Some makes me happy talking to my friends and being able to unpack, then being with my family, being a little bit less carrying the burden of the day because of something like that.

And then the third thing is working on something where for me, I found early on I wasn't really good in a nine to five setting, frustrate the heck out of my managers because I was always like doing extra and they're like you're doing too much type thing. But being able to work on something where like our conversation before this, where you hit a nerve and you're filling a void that people really need and you can see someone feel like, oh man, if that existed or when that exists, it's going to really make my life better. Honestly, there's nothing more fulfilling than working on something that genuinely helps people and that's why I do what I do and why so many of us do things we do.

Absolutely. Now, just on that, what would your advice be to content creators who currently feel isolated and unhappy? Yeah, it's definitely something that we want to make much easier to do with Creator Land right now. It's not easy.

It can be very nerve wracking to ping someone with the idea of what feels like a friend request. It's a weird feeling. So one thing you can do, not to be too promotional, we do have a community discord at Creator Land where we want people to feel like they can connect and share.

But the other thing would be to don't be super afraid to send an email to somebody's. Email and bio saying like, hey, I'd love to chat with you and talk about strategy like it looks like we have a similar niche or I'm trying to get better attention on my YouTube content and I love the way that you do your intro. I was wondering if you'd be down to grab a zoom with me and talk about what I'm doing and let me ping you with a couple of questions.

In the business world day to day, this kind of stuff happens constantly and in the future it will happen with content creators more often too. But I would say don't be afraid to reach out because people are down have combos. It's just that nobody's doing it.

Absolutely. And that's kind of what you and I have done here. In a way, we reached out to each other and look, we're having this beautiful conversation around happiness and who knows what's going to happen from this moment on for both yourself and I.

So Brian, it's been absolute pleasure to talk all things that make you happy and your up and coming Project Creator Land super exciting for you. That's super exciting for me too because I could see that grow. Anything else you'd like to share with the listeners before we pop.

I think we're good if you do want to sign up for Otherwise, go out there and be happy. Beautiful.

Thank you very much, Brian. Have a lovely evening.